What is the code for the Armory in Deus Ex?

What is the code for the Armory in Deus Ex?

Keypad Codes

Area Terminal Location Code
TF29 IT Support – Door 5545
TF29 Shooting Range / Armory – Safe 2023
Ruzicka Station Ticket Booth 0808

Where is VersaLife Deus Ex?

The Hong Kong VersaLife facility is the headquarters of VersaLife in 2052. It is located in Hong Kong and is visited by JC Denton during Deus Ex.

How many endings does Deus Ex have?

There are three possible endings to Deus Ex. Which one in particular plays out depends on the actions taken by JC Denton (the player character) in the final location of the game, Area 51. The sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible War, establishes that all of the possible endings are at least partially canonical.

Where is VersaLife?

VersaLife’s headquarters is based in Hong Kong from between 2027 and 2052. This building is composed of three major sections: the Data Entry facility, the Pacific Rim Research facility and the Nanotech Containment facility.

What does 0451 mean?

However, Warren Spector later revealed that 0451 was actually just the door code to access the Looking Glass Studios offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts. If you’ve been playing a lot of Looking Glass and Ion Storm games you know that the code here is 0451, which is first used in System Shock.

How do I enable cheats in Deus Ex revision?

To activate cheatmode, type in “set DeusEx. JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True” without the quotes in the console.

Should I give Miller the antidote?

Saving Miller Since Miller is already poisoned, he will die if you do not have the Orchid antidote, which means you’ll have to choose between giving it to him, or saving it for the delegates if you don’t think you will make it in time.

Where is the VersaLife vault key card?

Acquisition. Unlike the other three vault keycards, the VersaLife keycard can only be obtained by choosing to do The Heist. Opting to save Allison will prevent obtaining the keycard, and will lock off the VersaLife vault permanently. During the Heist, find Vega’s package in the packing garage.

Where do I get a Picus vault key card?

The card is found in apartment #94 of LibuĊĦe Apartments, which is located near Pilgrim Station. Interacting with a camera (or the painting above the bed) in the bedroom reveals a safe with the keycard inside. The card keycard can be acquired during any of the three visits to Prague.

What does 451 mean in video games?

451 was the code to the front door of Looking Glass Studios. It was selected as a reference to Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. The employees of Looking Glass used that code in System Shock for the first locked door you encounter in the game as a little inside joke.

What is the code in death loop?

To get the tunnel code right at the start you just have to play through the game until you reach the house. A few things will happen and shortly after you’ll have the tunnel code. However, enter the code 0451 to get a trophy for the classic door code Eater egg.