What is the fear of crustaceans called?

What is the fear of crustaceans called?

Kabourophobia is very specific, and it can also be a part of a wider phobia called ostraconophobia, which is the fear of crustaceans, adding shrimp, oysters, clams, crabs, lobsters, etc.

What is the phobia of crawfish?

Potamokaravidaphobia is the fear of crawfish.

Is it normal to be scared of fish?

The Fear of Fish is Technically Known as Ichthyophobia and is a relatively rare phobia. It is possible that the rapid and random movement of a fish, that is often seen in peripheral vision (out of the corner of the eye) leads directly to the ‘startle’ reflex which may then lead onto an anxiety reaction.

Why do people have Ichthyophobia?

Ichthyophobia may be the result of negative emotional experiences that may be either directly or indirectly linked to the object or situational fear and has usually become “normalised” over a period of time, in other words accepted as a limiting factor in that person’s life – “I’ve learnt to live with it.”

What is a fear of shrimp called?

Ostraconophobia, or the fear of shellfish, is fairly common.

What is Kaburophobia?

Agoraphobia is a fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult or that help wouldn’t be available if things go wrong. Many people assume agoraphobia is simply a fear of open spaces, but it’s actually a more complex condition.

What is the fear of cute things called?

Atisidasophibia: The Fear of Cuteness.

What is Megalohydrothalassophobia?

megalohydrothalassophobia (fear of large underwater creatures or objects)

What is Lepidopterophobia?

Lepidopterophobia is the fear of butterflies or moths. While some people may have a mild fear of these insects, a phobia is when you have an excessive and irrational fear that interferes with your daily life. Lepidoterophobia is pronounced lep-ah-dop-ter-a-pho-bee-ah.

What are the weirdest phobias?

Here are some of the strangest phobias one can have

  • ​Ergophobia. It is the fear of work or the workplace.
  • ​Somniphobia. Also known as hypnophobia, it is the fear of falling asleep.
  • Chaetophobia.
  • ​Oikophobia.
  • ​Panphobia.
  • Ablutophobia.

What is the fear of chickens called?

People with alektorophobia have excessive fear and anxiety around roosters or hens. They don’t feel fear around any other animal or bird (ornithophobia). The term comes from the Greek words “phobos,” meaning fear, and “alektor,” meaning rooster. Fear of chickens is a specific phobia.