What is the hardest a baseball has ever been thrown?

What is the hardest a baseball has ever been thrown?

At the end of March, Tennessee Volunteers fireball ace Ben Joyce set an NCAA record for the fastest pitch ever thrown in a college baseball game when he blew a 104.1 mph fastball past South Carolina’s Jalen Vasquez. Now it would appear that he has topped that with a 105.5 mph blazer. Ben Joyce’s 105.5 MPH Fastball.

Has there ever been a 27 pitch baseball game?

Necciai is best remembered for the unique feat of striking out 27 batters in a nine-inning game, which he accomplished in the Class-D Appalachian League team, the Bristol Twins on May 13, 1952. He is the only pitcher ever to do so in a nine-inning, professional-league game.

Has there ever been a no-hitter loss?

On April 23, 1964, Ken Johnson of the Houston Colt . 45s became the first pitcher to throw a nine-inning no-hitter and lose. In fact, he is still the only individual to throw an official (nine-inning) no-hitter and lose.

Who threw the fastest pitch ever?

Fastest pitch ever thrown As a result, Aroldis Chapman is credited with throwing the fastest pitch in MLB history. On Sept. 24, 2010, Chapman made MLB history. Then a rookie relief pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, the fireballer unleashed a fastball clocked at 105.1 mph by PITCH/fx.

What is the rarest feat in baseball?

Unassisted triple plays The rarest type of triple play, and one of the rarest events of any kind in baseball, is for a single fielder to complete all three outs. There have only been 15 unassisted triple plays in MLB history, making this feat rarer than a perfect game.

What is the rarest baseball play?

The unassisted triple play
The unassisted triple play, a triple play in which only one fielder handles the ball, is the least common type of triple play, and is arguably the rarest occurrence in baseball: it has happened only 15 times since 1900 at the major league level.

What team has been no-hit the most?

Every major league franchise has been no-hit at least twice, with the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers leading the way with 20 no-nos thrown against the club over its long history.

What catcher has caught the most perfect games?

Hassey is notable for being the only catcher in MLB history to have caught more than one perfect game (the first with Len Barker in 1981 and his second with Dennis Martínez in 1991).

Who is the best hitting pitcher of all time?

The best-hitting MLB pitchers of all time

  • 1 of 31. Brandon Backe. Icon Sports Wire / Contributor.
  • 2 of 31. Ken Brett. Focus On Sport / Contributor.
  • 3 of 31. Bullet Joe Bush. Bettmann / Contributor.
  • 4 of 31. Madison Bumgarner. Neville E.
  • 5 of 31. Don Drysdale.
  • 6 of 31. Wes Ferrell.
  • 7 of 31. Yovani Gallardo.
  • 8 of 31. Bob Gibson.