What is the highest single day winnings on Jeopardy?

What is the highest single day winnings on Jeopardy?

Jeopardy – Highest Single Day Winners

Contestant Single Game Winnings Date
James Holzhauer $80,006 4/19/2019
James Holzhauer $79,633 5/31/2019
Roger Craig $77,000 9/14/2010
Ken Jennings $75,000 7/23/2004

Who has made the most money on Jeopardy?

Brad Rutter
Brad Rutter (born January 31, 1978) is the biggest all-time money winner on Jeopardy! and briefly held the record for biggest cumulative game show winnings for any U.S. game show contestant. Rutter retained the record for Jeopardy! winnings with either $4,255,102 (or $4,270,102, including a pair of Chevrolet Camaros).

Has there ever been a black Jeopardy winner?

Matt Jackson (Jeopardy!

Who are the top 3 money winners on Jeopardy?

Schneider has her eyes set on the big three of Ken Jennings, Amodio and Holzhauer, who have won the most money in the show’s history.

How many people won $1000000 on Jeopardy?

Only three people in “Jeopardy!” history had ever broken $1 million in winnings — until Amy Schneider came along.

Who are the top 3 winners on Jeopardy?

Who are the top 5 winners on Jeopardy?

Mattea Roach is now number 5 in the most consecutive games won in Jeopardy! history. With 21 games won, she is the second on the list for women. Ken Jennings heads the list with 74 consecutive wins, followed by Amy Schneider with 40 games, Matt Amodio with 38, and James Holzhauer with 32.

How many games did matt Jackson win on Jeopardy?

(October 8, 2015) – Matt Jackson, a 23-year-old paralegal from Washington, D.C., won his 10th consecutive game of JEOPARDY!

Does Matt on Jeopardy have a photographic memory?

Amodio: From what I have read, I’m skeptical of the existence of photographic memories. Personally, I don’t think I have a different memory than any other person. I may have just a little bit better recall.

What are the Jeopardy records?

The longest ‘Jeopardy!’ winning streaks, ranked

  • Amy Schneider’s “Jeopardy!” winning streak ended after 40 games.
  • She is second only to Ken Jennings, who holds the record with 74 consecutive wins.
  • Matt Amodio won 38 games earlier this season, and James Holzhauer won 32 in 2019.

Did Matt lose on purpose?

For the record, Jonathan Fisher — the “Jeopardy!” champion who defeated Amodio Monday night — also firmly believes Amodio didn’t lose on purpose. “Matt absolutely did not throw the game,” Fisher wrote in a column for Newsweek. “Matt is such a great player and such a stand up guy.

What does Matt on Jeopardy do for a living?

Matt Amodio never thought he’d end up on Jeopardy! At first glance, the Medina native, now a 31-year-old Yale University research assistant working on a Ph. D. in computer science with a focus on artificial intelligence, appeared to be the perfect contestant.

Who are the top 10 winners on Jeopardy?

Winners Ever: Amy Schneider, Ken Jennings and More. Slide 1 of 7: It takes a certain mind to be able to compete on Jeopardy!, but only the best of the best land in this winner’s circle. These

Who are the highest money winners on Jeopardy?

Brad Rutter –$4,953,435.33

  • Ken Jennings –$4,372,700
  • James Holzhauer –$2,964,216
  • Matt Amodio –$1,518,601
  • Amy Schneider –$1,319,800
  • David Madden –$775,733.33
  • Larissa Kelly –$661,930.33
  • Matt Jackson –$613,612
  • Roger Craig –$556,200
  • Jason Zuffranieri –$544,496
  • Who has the most consecutive wins on Jeopardy?

    – Amy Schneider has replaced Matt Amodio for the No. 2 on the list of most consecutive “Jeopardy!” wins. – Schneider knocked down Amodio to third on the list after she won her 39th “Jeopardy!” game Monday night. – Schneider became the first woman to win over $1 million on the show and is the most successful trans player ever.

    Brad Rutter ($4,688,436)

  • Ken Jennings ($3,370,700)
  • James Holzhauer ($2,462,216)
  • David Madden ($773,733)
  • Larissa Kelly ($660,930)
  • Matt Jackson ($611,612)
  • Roger Craig ($530,200)
  • Colby Burnett ($480,334)
  • Julia Collins ($478,100)
  • Austin Rogers ($461,000)