What is the latest Version of Kurzweil 1000?

What is the latest Version of Kurzweil 1000?

Release 14.15 of Kurzweil 1000 for Windows Version 14 is now available. You may either download the executable file (https://www.kurzweiledu.com/downloads/K1000patch14.15.exe), or use the Online>Update feature of the software.

How much does Kurzweil 1000 cost?

A single license of Kurzweil 1000 retails for $995. Volume pricing is also available.

Does Kurzweil work on Chromebook?

On a Chromebook, your Chrome Browser supports HTML5 and will allow you to access Kurzweil 3000 Web App.

What Kurzweil 1000?

Kurzweil 1000 makes printed or electronic text accessible to people with blindness and visual impairments — speaking text aloud in a variety of natural-sounding voices that can be modified to individual preferences.

How much is a Kurzweil 3000?

kurzweiledu.com/■Retail Price: $500 for a one-year subscription. $2,000 for 10 users; $3,000 for 30 users; $4,000 site-or school-wide. Discounts apply for multi-year and multi-site users.

What is Kurzweil software?

Kurzweil 3000 is award-winning educational software designed to provide literacy support for those who struggle with literacy in the classroom, at home, or in the workplace.

Where are Kurzweil pianos made?

Boston, Massachusetts
Designed and engineered in Boston, Massachusetts, by a team of American sound architects, all Kurzweil home pianos feature the award-winning PC3X sound engine.

Can you use Kurzweil on iPad?

Devices running Chrome, Android, or iOS now all have full access to web-based features and content saved online.

Does Kurzweil work on iPad?

Cross-out Feature in iPad App: The cross-out feature is now available in all versions of Kurzweil 3000; including Windows and Mac computers, the Web App and now in the iPad App. New HTML5 Player: The Kurzweil 3000 Web App now works in all modern browsers and all phones and devices, including Android and Apple.

What is the difference between Kurzweil 1000 and 3000?

3000 is focused on reading disabilities with features like phrase and word tracking on the screen, word definitions, and note-taking features. Kurzweil 1000 is geared toward the blind or visually impaired with features like integration into many applications and reads aloud scanned text.

Does Kurzweil have speech to text?

Speech to Text (STT) in Kurzweil 3000 for Web Browsers (www.Kurzweil3000.com) Using the Chrome browser only. Click the Speech to Text button. The button will turn green when it is listening. Place your cursor where you want the text to appear, or highlight text to format.

What does Kurzweil 3000 cost?

$2,000 for 10 users; $3,000 for 30 users; $4,000 site-or school-wide. Discounts apply for multi-year and multi-site users. Kurzweil 3000 is a suite of digital tools designed to help students who struggle with reading, writing, study skills, and test-taking.