What is the logo of NAFDAC?

What is the logo of NAFDAC?

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Description English: Logo of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control in Nigeria
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How do you check if a product is NAFDAC approved?

All products must have a NAFDAC registration number, and so before you buy or consume any product in Nigeria, do a quick check to see that it is a genuine product. Go to this link – http://nafdacverify.com.ng/ , and then enter the registration number.

How much does NAFDAC cost?

The official fee for the facility inspection for a cosmetic product is as below: Micro enterprise – N15,000. Small Scale – N30,000. Medium/Large Scale – N40,000.

What is the Colour of NAFDAC jacket?

NAFDAC jacket is red and PCN is carton colour. And they have a seal tape with their name on it. It read like ‘PCN-seal-do not open.

How many directorates are in NAFDAC?

13 Directorates
DirectoratesNAFDAC’S Directorates To effectively execute her mandate to regulate and control the manufacture, importation, exportation, distribution, advertisement, sale and use of food, drugs, cosmetics, chemicals, medical devices, NAFDAC is made up of 13 Directorates. Each Directorate is headed by a Director.

What does NAFDAC mean?

National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)

How do you check if a drug is original in Nigeria?

The Mobile Authentication Service from NAFDAC enables consumers in Nigeria confirm whether the drug they are about to buy is genuine using a mobile phone. The consumer simply sends an SMS to 38353 to confirm the genuineness of the drug.

How can I register for NAFDAC no?

How To Register With NAFDAC

  1. Step One: Get NAFDAC Registration Form.
  2. Step Two: Submit Your Registration And Application Form.
  3. Step Three: Submit Samples Of Your Products.
  4. Step Four: Make Necessary Payments.
  5. Step Five: Certificate Collection.

Can I sell my products without NAFDAC number?

It is illegal to sell products that have no NAFDAC registration number to the public. Such action can amount to litigation or denial of operational license.

How much do I need to register with NAFDAC?

The Real Reason Why NAFDAC is Giving MSME 80% Discounts On Registration

TOTAL 39500

What color is the jacket really?

Penzo told ABC News that the jacket is actually baby blue and white, but still took to Tumblr to enlist the help of the social media users.

What is nafdac certification?

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is the agency responsible for regulating and granting permits for the exportation, importation, manufacture, and the registration of products such as drugs, chemicals, consumable goods, cosmetics, biological, and medical services which are …