What is the size of a standard UK letterbox?

What is the size of a standard UK letterbox?

Whilst UK letter boxes can come in varying sizes, most use a standard size of 254mmx38mm (10×1. 5inches), with most postal gift mailings adhering to this size. Another aspect of the letterbox mailing process to consider is the cost of your mailing.

DO letter boxes come in different sizes?

There are different sizes of letterboxes or letterplates available. In some cases the letter box you have may not be made any more, but in 99% of cases the letterboxes we sell are able to fit your door.

What are the dimensions of a post box?

It may be an enamelled plate, some form of paper or cardboard notice, or made from plastic. The style and relative positions of these three items can vary greatly….Letter Box Dimensions.

Type A Type B
Width 1ft 8in 1ft 1¾in
Depth 1ft 7in 1ft 1in

What size is a Royal Mail post box?

44cm x 35cm x 16cm
The maximum Parcel size allowed into our new Postboxes is 44cm x 35cm x 16cm. Any Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed items, Royal Mail International Tracked items, and any Royal Mail Tracked Returns without a barcode on the label must be posted in a Post Office branch and cannot be dropped off at a Parcel Postbox.

What is a standard post box?

A post box (British English; also written postbox; also known as pillar box), also known as a collection box, mailbox, letter box or drop box (American English) is a physical box into which members of the public can deposit outgoing mail intended for collection by the agents of a country’s postal service.

How do I know what size letterbox I need?

STEP 3: MEASURE THE THICKNESS OF THE DOOR You need to select the letterbox for upvc door that is the most appropriate. uPVC Letterboxes fitted through moulded panels are usually between 20-40mm in size as are timber doors. uPVC letterboxes fitted through the frame are usually between 40-80mm in size.

Can you change a letterbox?

“Firstly you need to lift up the flap on the inside of the letterbox and remove the two screws, once you’ve done this you need to open the door and remove the letterbox like so, the best way to get your new letterbox is to take your old one into your local hardware store, making sure that the insider measurements are …

Can I put large letter in postbox?

Parcel Postboxes Maximum dimensions: length 44cm, width 35cm, depth 16cm.

Can you put small parcels in post box UK?

Normal there is a sticker you can just peel off with their address on it, and the postage is prepaid. If so you can just put it in the post box, otherwise I would take it to the PO to make sure you pay correct postage.

What is the size of a letter box?

Available in Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Polished Chrome & Satin Chrome in 280 x 76mm (for 8 & 10inch letter plates), 300 x 95mm (for 11 & 12 inch letter plates), 355 x 127mm (for 13 & 14 inch letter plates) and 412 x 127mm (for 16 inch letter plates). Internal letter tidy flap to neatly cover the letter box hole on the back of your door.

What is the size of a fire rated letter box?

Size: Overall 295mm x 71mm, aperture 256mm x 38mm, fixing screws 276mm centre to centre, to suit doors 35mm to 65mm thick. Letter box fitted with an intumescent liner for use with fire rated doors FD30.

What size letter box do I need for a uPVC door?

Sleeved letter box for uPVC doors. Available in Gold Anodised & Silver Anodised finish. Size: Overall 295mm x 71mm, aperture 256mm x 38mm, fixing screws 276mm centre to centre, to suit doors 35mm to 65mm thick.

What is a Yale welseal 12 inch letter box?

Yale Welseal 12 Inch Letter Box The Yale Welseal 12 Inch letter box has radiused edges to the ABS frame to soften the appearance of this high performance letter box. With an adjustable telescopic sleeve and extruded aluminium spring loaded flaps designed…