What is the story behind Road 96?

What is the story behind Road 96?

The game follows several teenage hitchhikers as they attempt to flee from the nation of Petria. Featuring a tyrannical dictatorship in Petria, the game lets the player choose either to influence the election or to focus on crossing the border.

Is Road 96 a horror game?

But all that being said, Road 96 is not a horror game in the traditional sense. There are no spooky beings lurking in the trees who will haunt you on your journey, nor is there one big bad guy you’re trying to evade.

Is Alex a boy or girl Road 96?

Alex is a fourteen-year-old boy. He has light skin, short dark hair that is mostly covered by a beanie he wears. He’s considerably short in comparison to the other characters, including the player character.

How long does it take to beat Road 96?

It took us about 10 hours to reach the end of Road 96 and see the credits roll. After beating the game once and seeing the ending (determined by the choices you make along the way), you’ll then unlock New Game+, which allows you to carry over all the abilities that you’ve unlocked into a fresh playthrough.

Is 96 a road for kids?

Much of the game’s violence is implied, with any violence taking place just outside the player’s view. However, there are some depictions of realistic violence, including a man being pushed off a roof and a man falling to the floor after being shot. His body remains on the floor afterwards.

How many endings does Road 96 have?

Multiple Endings: There are three main endings based on which karmic route the player chooses.

Is Road 96 worth the money?

Adventure game lovers will have a good time with Road 96, though. The cast is a lot of fun, and it has enough twists and turns to make for an entertaining play. It’s definitely unique, and I hope that DigixArt continues experimenting with the genre.

Is it worth replaying Road 96?

It’s a unique experience well worth multiple playthroughs, and feels deeply relevant with the current political climate. Road 96 is something of a rogue-like survival game, albeit with a focus on story.

Is Road 96 different every time you play?

Through procedural mechanics and the many branching choices made available to the player, Road 96 has the capacity to craft a completely unique experience each time you play. But seeing that potential depends on whether you actually want to play it a second time.

Can you replay Road 96?

There is a lot of replay value to Road 96. The story is very good. It has excellent voice acting to go along with all of the dialogue. The music in the game is good too.

Is Road 96 a survival game?

Is Road 96 procedurally generated?

All of the roads in Road 96 are procedurally generated, determining what characters you’ll meet and what obstacles you’ll face. Even with the completely random nature of its design, I was impressed by how well all of the individual stories in Road 96 meld together.