What is TV white space technology?

What is TV white space technology?

In more technical terms, TV white space refers to the unused gaps between active TV channels in the VHF and UHF spectrum bands. In the past, these buffer channels have helped prevent interference between adjacent channels but luckily, thanks to advancements in technology, these spaces are no longer needed.

What does white space mean in journalism?

White space can also be explained in terms of micro and macro. With a micro white space, you are looking at the separation between lines of text, which is important for magazines and newspapers. However, websites like to use macro white spaces because it gives the user a sense of refined luxury.

What is the meaning of white space?

Definition of white space : the areas of a page without print or pictures.

What is white space devices?

A white space device (WSD) is a broadband device used to detect unused TV spectrum channels that do not have exclusive broadcast license requirements, such as ultra high frequency (UHF) (300–3000 MHz) and very high frequency (VHF) (30-300 MHz).

Why is white space important?

White space, also known as “negative space,” is empty space around the content and functional elements of a page. The basic role of white space is to let your design breathe by reducing the amount of text and functional elements that users see at once.

Why is it called white space?

Also called “negative space,” the term was derived from printing on white paper and any part not printed remained white. To an experienced graphic designer, white space is as important as the printed areas.

What does whitespace mean in business?

A white space is where the unspoken, unmet needs of customers are discovered in order to spark innovation. It’s a business process used to uncover opportunities, like new audiences and product improvements.

What is white space in advertising?

White space, sometimes called negative space, is the pristine area around text or graphics within print media. Effective use of white space in advertising can do everything from direct the viewer’s eye through promotional material to positioning the advertised product with the proper consumer groups.

What is white space in 5G?

5G is a radio interface that can be used for wireless communications in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum. The TV white space is spectrum that can be used for wireless communications in areas where the TV broadcasting doesn’t reach.

What is white space example?

Another beautiful example of whitespace use is Apple. As one of the early adopters of using whitespace on the web to showcase a product, Apple set the standard for building breathing room into their design.

What does white space mean in writing?

White space is a design principle. Simply, the absence of text draws your eye to the text. It literally refers to the amount of space around and between the words. It is about creating text that is inviting to the reader.

What is another name for white space?

What is another word for blank space?

blank space
emptiness nothingness
abyss black hole
lacuna cavity
chasm gulf

How to create white space?

In the Ribbon,select the Home tab,then in the Styles section select Change Styles.

  • Select Paragraph Spacing and choose one of the built-in styles.
  • To customize the spacing,choose Custom Paragraph Spacing at the bottom of the list.
  • How to design with white space?

    Start with a centrepiece If you want your Christmas table to have a real impact,always start with the centrepiece.

  • Don’t forget the garlands Another way to create a quick centrepiece is by placing a garland on the table,rather than on your door.
  • Place the candles
  • Is white space a ‘waste of space’?

    White space is often regarded as a waste of valuable screen space. Yet it isn’t a waste of space! It’s an essential design element and a powerful tool for effective web design. In fact, it’s equally important as website content. “Intelligent use of white space gives your content room to breathe.

    What is innovation white space R&D?

    Innovation White Space R&D Defined White space is where unmet and unarticulated needs are uncovered to create innovation opportunities. It is where products and services don’t exist based on the present understanding of values, definition of business or even existing competencies.”