What song is Bound 2 sampled from?

What song is Bound 2 sampled from?

Charlie Wilson’s ‘Bound 2’ sample of Brenda Lee’s ‘Sweet Nothin’s’ | WhoSampled.

Is Bound 2 about Kim Kardashian?

“Bound 2” is Kanye West’s version of a love song. The implication, considering the time in his life he dropped it as well as the music video and all, is that it is by and large directed to Kim Kardashian. But there is also a more general storyline featured. And that is the addressee being “bound to fall in love”.

Did Pharrell produce Bound 2?

“Bound 2” is a song by American rapper Kanye West, featured as the final track from his sixth studio album, Yeezus (2013). It was produced by West and Che Pope, with additional production being handled by Eric Danchick, Noah Goldstein, No ID and Mike Dean.

How many dislikes did Bound 2 have?

201,382 dislikes
“Bound 2” has 201,382 dislikes and only 73,742 likes.

Who has sampled Bound?

The group came into prominence after their track, “Bound” was sampled by rapper Kanye West in his 2013 song, “Bound 2”. This was followed by a copyright lawsuit by Ricky Spicer. “Bound” was also sampled by rapper Tyler, the Creator in his 2019 song “A Boy Is a Gun”.

What song does Father stretch my hands sample?

Kid Cudi’s ‘Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1’ sample of Drake and Future’s ‘Jumpman’ | WhoSampled.

How old is North West?

8 years (June 15, 2013)North West / Age

Did Kanye produce Bound 2?

“Bound 2” is a standout that harkens back to sounds from Kanye’s past. The track is co-produced by Che Pope, Eric Danchild, Noah Goldstein, No I.D., Mike Dean, and Kanye himself.

How old is Northwest?

Is Bound 2 GOOD?

The beat to Bound 2 is phenomenal. For his entire career, Kanye West has been flipping soul samples into his beats, which give them a swell to them that make them sound more expansive, as well as giving more thematic context. Think about Otis, or the samples on Jesus Walks.

Who sampled Bound by the Ponderosa Twins?