What was the Devil Fruit in 602?

What was the Devil Fruit in 602?

In the process, Smiley dies and in a sack of apples, an apple turns into a Devil Fruit. The beast’s body transforms into poison gas spreading quickly throughout the island.

What is the source material for One Piece?

Manga. Being the work that launched the One Piece franchise and the work creator Eiichiro Oda has most directly participated in, the manga is widely accepted as the highest source of One Piece canon.

Is Luffy the joy boy?

Though Luffy has sometimes been made out to be a “chosen one” kind of figure, it would certainly defy the current themes of One Piece were he to be a literal reincarnation of Joy Boy. One Piece’s main themes often deal with the ideas of inherited will and freedom.

What did Sanji write on the paper?

It either reads ” To my buds chick I gotta I’ll be back, Sanji” or “There’s this see real quick, I promise. “

Is Buggy a Logia?

In the anime, Buggy has even demonstrated being able to re-constitute himself in a Logia -like manner after literally getting reduced to fine strips by Mihawk. As part of the Devil Fruit’s powers, the user can also split their body apart by themselves without the need of being chopped up by others in the first place.

Is canon a 3D2Y?

3D2Y is not considered canon as it was not written nor supervised by Oda.

Can I skip marineford arc?

No way! The Marineford Arc is arguable the best arc in One Piece, second to only Enies Lobby.

Is Luffy the sun god?

Specifically, during the Skypiea arc, Luffy was paralleled to the Sun God directly, and when Enel struck the island with his full power and clouded the sun, the people started praying to God for a miracle.

What did Sanji’s farewell note say?

Wanda then arrived to help the Straw Hats, but Nekomamushi stopped her. Brook came to the realization that Sanji would likely not come back as the contents of his note were revealed, which stated that he was going to meet a woman and would be back.

What did Vito whisper in Sanji’s ear?

Vito told him that Caesar was just a prisoner while Sanji’s upcoming marriage will bring the Charlotte and Vinsmoke families together. Sanji insisted that he was not going to marry anyone and told him to get out.