When did the MacBook Pro 13in come out?

When did the MacBook Pro 13in come out?

November 10, 2020
New entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro models were introduced on November 10, 2020, bringing a new Apple M1 chip in place of Intel processor and graphics options. Learn about the larger 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro in our separate roundup.

When did Retina MacBook Pro come out?

The third-generation MacBook Pro was released in 2012, marketed as the “MacBook Pro with Retina display” to differentiate it from the previous model: the 15-inch in June 2012, a 13-inch model in October.

Is Apple discontinuing the 13-inch MacBook Pro?

While there is no knowing Apple’s exact plan for the 13-inch MacBook Pro at this time, the prospect of the device being discontinued in 2022 now appears to be a possibility.

Do all 2015 MacBook Pros have retina display?

The “Early 2015” and “Mid-2015” MacBook Pro models all have a high-resolution LED-backlit widescreen “Retina” display, but the size and resolutions are different. The 13-Inch models have a 13.3″ widescreen 2560×1600 (227 ppi) display and the 15-Inch models have a 15.4″ widescreen 2880×1800 (220 ppi) display.

Is MacBook Pro retina 2012?

In addition to being the first MacBook Pro with a Retina display, the 2012 model had a much slimmer design compared to previous models, after Apple removed the built-in Ethernet port and optical disc drive for CDs/DVDs. The external design of the notebook remained largely unchanged through 2015.

When did Retina display come out?

The Retina display debuted in 2010 with the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch (4th Generation), where each screen pixel of the iPhone 3GS and iPad was replaced by four smaller pixels, and the user interface scaled up to fill in the extra pixels. Apple calls this mode HiDPI mode.

Is there a new MacBook Pro coming out in 2021?

The 2021 MacBook Pro models come in 14.2-inch and 16.2-inch size options and they’re equipped with mini-LED displays, more ports, up to 64GB memory, and more powerful Apple silicon chips, the M1 Pro and M1 Max.

Will there be a new MacBook Pro in 2022?

According to 9to5Mac’s claimed sources, the MacBook Pro 2022 will arrive this year, and will come with the M2 chip. This is in spite of the recent Peek Performance Apple event coming and going with no mention of a new MacBook Pro or second-generation slice of Apple Silicon.

How can I tell if my MacBook Pro has Retina display?

Go to Apple logo (top left) > About this Mac. Click on Overview in the panel which comes up and the third line down Macbook Pro (retina). should confirm it.

Is 2015 MacBook old?

Apple now considers the 2015 version of the 12-inch MacBook to be vintage, and has added the machine to its vintage products list as of today.