When was the Nokia 1280 made?

When was the Nokia 1280 made?

March 2010
Nokia 1280 is an affordable ultrabasic dual band GSM mobile phone made by Nokia announced in November 2009 and released in March 2010 for developing countries.

What is the price of Nokia 1280 in Pakistan?

2,800 PKR

Model Nokia 1280
Announced 01 November, 2009
Released 01 March, 2010
Status Discontinued
Price 2,800 PKR

What was the first Nokia Game?

In 1997 came the landmark addition of Snake – first published by Finnish company Nokia for monochrome 6110 phones, and programmed by the company’s Taneli Armanto. It was on the off-chance that Taneli came to develop this iconic game, but he was the perfect suitor no less.

Does Nokia 1280 have Bluetooth?

This stylish handset from Nokia comes with a 1.36 inches (3.45 cm) display that has a resolution of 96 x 68 pixels offering immersive and comfortable viewing.. The dimensions of the phone are 107.2 mm x 45.1 mm x 15.30 mm…..Nokia 1280 Specifications.

bluetooth No
usb connectivity No
network support 2G

What is the price of Nokia 1280?

As of 4th May 2022, Nokia 1280 price in India starts at Rs. 1,199.

Is Nokia 1100 available in market?

Is Nokia 1100 available in the market? Yes, the Nokia Ole model refurbished phone is available for sale at thedealsguru.com.

Did Nokia make Call of Duty?

Nokia announces that Activision’s popular World War II action series will be making its N-Gage debut later this year. Nokia has today announced that Activision’s popular Call of Duty series of World War II action games will make its N-Gage debut toward the end of this year.

Who created Snake?

Taneli Armanto
It was programmed in 1997 by Taneli Armanto of Nokia and introduced on the Nokia 6110. Snake II – Included on monochrome phones such as the Nokia 3310 from 2000.

What is the price of Nokia 105 in Pakistan?

Official Price of Nokia 105 2019 in Pakistan is Rs. 2,999.

How much did the Nokia 1100 cost?

So, what it is that made people in developing countries go crazy about the Nokia 1100? In short, many things! First, the phone was quite affordable at about $100, due to being very unassuming — even by 2003 standards.

Who made CoD?

NokiaInfinity Ward
Call of Duty/Developers
Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game based on id Tech 3, and was released on October 29, 2003. The game was developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision.