Where do I put specular map VRAY?

Where do I put specular map VRAY?

The two glossy reflection slots are where you can put the specular map. I would suggest using bump map first, and not doing displacement if it looks okay with the bump. Displacement takes a lot more care to set up correctly and can lead to very long render times.

What is specular in 3ds Max?

Specular maps are maps you use to define a surface’s shininess and highlight color, without the complex calculations of reflections in the render. The higher a pixel’s value (from black to white, or 0 to 1, respectively), the shinier the surface will appear at that location.

What is a specular map texture?

Specular maps are used to define the shininess/highlight on a surface. Typically a specular map is a black and white image that maps out the shininess value on an object. The whiter the pixel, the more shiny the object in that specific place on the texture (or on the texel).

What is AO map in VRAY?

Ambient Occlusion Map Ambient Occlusion, or AO for short, is an old rendering technique used as an approximation for true global illumination. Back in the day, when calculating GI used to be highly CPU intensive, ambient occlusion was developed as its cheaper alternative.

What is specular map in VRAY?

Specular reflection is defined as the reflection of light from a surface in a single particular reflection, as opposed to a diffuse reflection which is reflected at many angles. The brighter the area, the more highlight reflection the object exhibits in the render.

How do you make a specular map in Photoshop?

Simple specular map made in Photoshop To do this simply select Hue/Saturation(Ctrl+U)and set the value of Saturation to -100 or slightly less. Unfortunately now all of the reflections would be in the hollows but we want to achieve just the opposite of that. That’s way you need to do inversion.

What is specular map in 3D?

Specular Map This texture mapping method allows parts of an object to have a Specular effect. Prop with texture and an Specular image. Specular map only has effect within the shape. Tip: Using the same image as both Specular and Opacity maps allows you to create.

What is specular map in 3d?

Is specular map roughness?

Basically the difference is that your specular map controls the amount of sharp reflections you are getting from your material where as the roughness map controls how diffuse the material is. There are definitely some objects where the specular and roughness look very similar.

Where do I put AO maps in 3ds Max?

The first thing you’ll need to do is open up the Material Editor in 3ds Max. So go up to Rendering>Material Editor>Compact Material Editor. This ambient occlusion is going to be applied as a map to a new material.