Where is odrin and friends Witcher 3?

Where is odrin and friends Witcher 3?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt The man himself is found lying on a small dock in the Silverton district of Novigrad, where Odrin and his companions have set up a small business named “Odrin & Friends – Bottlemen”.

Where can I find Vinson Traut?

Choose Whistling Wendy, and when she asks what you want, answer that you want her smile to part the gates of paradise. She’ll lead you into a side room and open a trap door. Drop down through the opening and you’ll find a door. Open it and enter to meet with the man you came here to see: Vinson Traut.

What did henselt do to Ves?

Geralt probably said that because Ves said Henselt just let her go which he didn’t. He let her go after raping her. Ves was concealing this most probably to avoid making Roche even angrier, which she warns him of.

How do I seduce ves in The Witcher 2?

He must defeat her at combat in an arena so that she knows he takes her seriously; then she can be visited at the Blue Stripes’ tents outside the Kaedweni Camp. Agreeing with her about ‘opportunity’, then mentioning her beauty, then agreeing to go to bed, will trigger the sex scene.

How do I get VRAN armor Witcher 2?

Regular Value Diagram: Vran armor is a crafting diagram in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings that is needed to craft Vran armor. It can be found in a locked chest in the northernmost part of the Loc Muinne sewers during Chapter III.

Where is Vandergrift’s sword?

One of them is Vandergrift’s Sword which represents death. Unfortunately this is in the hands of Saskia so you won’t be able to get it until you cross over to the other side of the mist. This quest runs parallel with The Blood Curse quest so you can follow along with that quest and you’ll eventually find the sword.

Was VES raped in Witcher 2?

It’s pretty clear Henselt’s not the type to lie about Ves expecting somehow to fool them. So I think he told the truth: Ves was *not* raped, she did enjoy herself while having sex with Henselt.

What did Ves lie about?

What Geralt is saying is that Ves was raped by Henselt but is trying to deny or minimize what happened. “Ves lied in regard to her telling Roche that Henselt just let her go.”

Can you sleep with VES Witcher?

In The Witcher 2, Geralt may have the opportunity to sleep with Ves in chapter II, depending on whom he sides with during that chapter. Ves doesn’t hold a grudge against non-humans, even though she fights the Scoia’tael. She treats every criminal equally, regardless of race.

Can Geralt sleep with a succubus?

I love how “Has Geralt ever slept with a succubus” is a search suggestion on Google. Yep. When drinking with the other witchers in W3 (great quest) I had this scene from W2 in mind.