Which family member do you spend the most time with?

Which family member do you spend the most time with?

Part 2 — Sample Answer: I think I spend the most time with my mother. I don’t really have a lot of family, and I don’t have any brothers or sisters. My mom is my closest relative and over time we’ve become good friends. We don’t happen to live to each other, and I’ve moved away to a country that’s nowhere near her.

Do you spend much time with your family ielts speaking?

Towards my family, I make sure that I spend at least 2 days a month with my parents and my brother. So, most of the time we all make plans to make sure that we do spend those two days together, no matter where we are. Other than this, I give 5% of whatever my earnings are to my family.

How do I write about my family?

Get Started

  1. Own Your Story. You are absolutely the best person in the world to write your story and your family history.
  2. Tell Favorite Stories Aloud.
  3. Make a Time Line of Major Life Events.
  4. Be Specific.
  5. Just Start.
  6. Make a List of Stories to Tell.
  7. Forget About Chronology.
  8. Use Memory Triggers.

Why do you enjoy spending time with your family?

It strengthens family bonds Families who share everyday activities together form strong, emotional ties. Studies have found that families who enjoy group activities together share a stronger emotional bond as well as an ability to adapt well to situations as a family.

How family makes us happy?

Your family creates a strong foundation for your emotional as well as physical well being. In most cases, it’s a family that people go back to after a day’s hard work and unwind, rejuvenate, and re-energize themselves.

Why is a happy family important?

Strong, happy families create a sense of well being within the family and in each family member. Wellbeing includes a person’s physical, mental, emotional and social health. Strong, happy families encourage and support each other to be optimistic, hopeful and to strive together to achieve individually and as a family.

How do you spend time with your family?

Show Your Parents You Care

  1. Say Hello.
  2. Ask Your Kids to Give Grandpa and Grandma a Call.
  3. Eat Together Once a Week.
  4. Cook Your Family’s Favourite Recipe Together.
  5. Spend Dedicated Time Together.
  6. Learn Something New.
  7. Celebrate Family Traditions.

How can your family be happy?

Top ten tips for a happier family

  1. Discipline. Rather than thinking of discipline as a punishment, you should use it as a way of teaching your children how to meet their needs without hurting or offending anyone.
  2. 4.Setting Boundaries.
  3. Communication.
  4. Quality Time.
  5. Joint Decisions.
  6. Comforting.
  7. Be flexible.
  8. Spend quality time with your partner.

What comes first God or family?

There can be no doubt that the scriptural order of priorities is God, spouse, children, parents, extended family, brothers and sisters in Christ, and then the rest of the world. Consider Paul’s words in Colossians 3:18-22 KJV, “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord.

How can I describe my family in ielts speaking?

To answer the question ‘how important my family is to me’- I would say my family is the whole world to me. I love my parents and my siblings more than anything in this world. They have done (and still doing) a lot for me. I love them and would be ready to do anything and everything for them.

What are the purposes of a family?

The primary function of the family is to ensure the continuation of society, both biologically through procreation, and socially through socialization. Given these functions, the nature of one’s role in the family changes over time.

How much time do u spend with your family?

Answer. I spend three to four hours daily with my family. On weekends, I dedicate one of the days to my family.

Do you enjoy spending time with relatives?

Yes, I very much enjoy spending time with my family. I believe spending time, with our personal families, and with the Family of Man…doing things with them, and for them…these experiences give us personal satisfaction and contentment. These things also give a sense of value, and purpose for our lives.

Why family is so important in life?

Family is the single most important influence in a child’s life. From their first moments of life, children depend on parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs. They are a child’s first teachers and act as role models in how to act and how to experience the world around them.

Why do I love spending time with my family?

Family time is an essential factor that helps to create strong bonds, love, connections, and relationship among the family members. Spending quality time with family does help in coping with challenges, instill a feeling of security, inculcate family values, fill kids with confidence, and much more.

Do you get on well with your family?

Yes, absolutely I go pretty well with my family. They are the most precious things I have in my life. Whomever I am now and whomever I will become in the future would be because of my family and their unconditional love, care and affection for me. I feel a strong kinship about my family.