Which IIM has best alumni?

Which IIM has best alumni?

Read about the top 10 IIM graduates who have chosen their passion as a career:

  • Harsha Bhogle (IIM-A)
  • Chetan Bhagat (IIM-A)
  • Arvind Subramanian (IIM-A)
  • Raghuram Rajan (IIM-A)
  • Amish Tripathi (IIM-C)
  • Shikha Sharma (IIM-A)
  • Rashmi Bansal (IIM-A)
  • Mallika Sarabhai (IIM-A)

What is alumni in IIM?

IIM Alumni may refer to:

  • Indian Institute of Management Calcutta alumni.
  • Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad alumni.
  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore alumni.

What is the benefit of IIM alumni?

For IIMA, the benefits include an ability to continuously track the career progression of the alumni and serve the dual purpose of having alumni- connect as well as migration to life-long career support from providing one time campus placement service.

Where are IIM alumni?

IIM Bangalore: Notable past and present alumni.

  • IIM Calcutta: Notable past and present alumni.
  • IIM Lucknow: Notable past and present alumni.
  • FMS Delhi: Notable past and present alumni.
  • IRMA, Anand (Gujarat): Notable Alumni.
  • NMIMS, Mumbai: Notable Alumni.
  • Are IIM graduates rich?

    Over the years, IIMs have recorded a 100% placement record for all of its graduates. The top IIMs have recorded 70 lakh INR to 1 crore INR being offered as CTC….Salary Increase of an IIM Graduate.

    Business schools in India Potential Salary in INR*
    Other private universities 9,50,000

    Does IIM guarantee job?

    The brand value of the institute where you study does play an important role, and somewhat guarantees a good employment when you finish studies. However, once you are out there working, it all boils down to individual drive, passion and performance, besides luck. “I was disappointed by not making it to the IIMs.

    What is the benefit of alumni status?

    Alumni associations offer networking opportunities, which can connect recent graduates with established professionals and help people pursue career changes. Networking can take many forms. Alumni associations might offer online career fairs or host virtual networking events with tips for job interviews.

    What is the average salary of an IIM A graduate after 10 15 years of experience?

    The salary packages for graduates from top IIMs is far above average, however, the salary packages offered to newer IIMs are around 10-20 lakh INR per annum. There is no estimate of the lowest salary offered, although the lowest salary an IIM graduate can expect would be 6 lakh INR per annum.

    How can I become an IIM alumni?

    Under a revised policy brought in by the institute, anyone who has done a minimum three weeks’ course at the premier B-school will be officially entitled to “alumnus status” — for a price, of course. All they need to do is pay a one-time fee of Rs 10,000.

    Is life at IIM tough?

    At last I would like to tell you that life at the IIM campus may be hectic, frenetic, tiring but it is never dull. You will face challenges but you will learn to overcome those obstacles. That’s how you are groomed to be highly professional and organized in your life.

    Who earns more IIT or IIM?

    As employers look for quality talent, engineering graduates from top IITs are fetching 137 per cent higher salary package than an average engineer, while management graduates from top IIMs are getting 121 per cent more than an average MBA graduate, according to a report.