Who are the actors that have portrayed Count Dracula?

Who are the actors that have portrayed Count Dracula?

Actors that have portrayed Count Dracula. 1 1. Bela Lugosi. Actor | Dracula. Bela Lugosi was born Béla Ferenc Dezsö Blaskó on October 20, 1882, Lugos, Hungary, Austria-Hungary (now Lugoj, 2 2. Claes Bang. 3 3. Christopher Lee. 4 4. Gary Oldman. 5 5. Max Schreck.

Who is the actor who played Dracula in Hammer Films?

Christopher Lee (Hammer Films, 1958-1973) Dracula is just one of the many iconic roles that made Sir Christopher Lee a legendary actor.

How old is Pataki from Dracula?

Pataki was born on January 16, 1938 in Youngstown, Ohio. He attended the University of Southern California as a double 69. David Peel David Peel was a handsome British actor who, in his next-to-last film appearance, created one of the most memorable vampires in horror-film history: “Baron Meinster” in Hammer Films’ The Brides of Dracula (1960).

What is Dr Dracula’s role on the Demeter?

Dracula is a passenger on the Demeter, which has been chartered to sail to England by a mysterious figure named Balaur. It carries other passengers, all of whom have a connection to Balaur, and cargo which includes boxes of soil from Transylvania.

Who are the actors in Dracula vs Frankenstein?

Zandor Vorkov Zandor Vorkov was born as Roger Engel. He is an actor, known for Dracula vs. Frankenstein (1971), Brain of Blood (1971) and Blood & Flesh: The Reel Life & Ghastly Death of Al Adamson (2019). 92. Marc Warren

Is Dracula Untold a prequel to Bram Stoker’s Dracula?

As an attempt to launch a modernized shared universe of Universal’s classic monsters, the action movie Dracula Untold focused on Dracula’s origin story, opting to be a prequel story for Bram Stoker’s novel for the first time ever.

What happened to Leslie Nielsen as Dracula?

Comedy star Leslie Nielsen, known for his acclaimed performances in Airplane! and The Naked Gun, tried to continue his successful streak of spoof movies with the role of Dracula in 1995. However, the film was shunned by critics, who criticized Nielsen’s uncharacteristic lack of clever humor.