Who are the top 5 2016 presidential candidates?

Who are the top 5 2016 presidential candidates?

2016 presidential candidates 1 Lindsey Graham 2 Lawrence Lessig 3 Bernie Sanders 4 Rick Santorum 5 Elizabeth Warren

Who are the presidential candidates we matched on Election Day?

In one set, we matched Hillary Clinton (D) in a series of two-way contests with Donald Trump (R), Ohio Governor John Kasich (R), and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R). In the second set, we matched these same candidates in a series of three-way contests that also included former governor Gary Johnson.

How many candidates are on the 2016 primary ballot?

For a full list of candidates by state, please see Candidates by state primary ballot. As of November 1, 2016, a total of 1,780 candidates had filed a Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Election Commission. A full list of these candidates and their parties and filing dates can be found here .

Who is included in the final list of candidates for elections?

This is the final and certified list of candidates for the elections to be included in the ballots: Jejomar Binay, Miriam Defensor Santiago, Rodrigo Duterte, Grace Poe, and Mar Roxas. Although SeƱeres withdrew his candidacy and later died, his name was still included on the printed ballots.

How many presidential candidates have been invited to a democratic debate?

Five of the major candidates were invited to participate in at least one Democratic Party-sanctioned debate: Lincoln Chafee, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, and Jim Webb.

Who won the non-binding Nebraska Democratic primary?

^ Hillary Clinton won the non-binding Nebraska Democratic Primary. ^ Hillary Clinton won the non-binding Washington Democratic Primary. ^ a bBerg-Andersson, Richard E. “Democratic Convention”.

Is Hillary Clinton the only candidate for 2016 election?

^ a b Gibson, Ginger (January 21, 2015) “Election 2016: Hillary Clinton Isn’t The Democrats’ Only Candidate”, International Business Times. Retrieved January 21, 2015. ^ a b (March 14, 2015) “21 Democrats who could (maybe) take Hillary Clinton’s place in 2016”, The Washington Examiner.

Will the 2016 Republican presidential candidates appeal to religious voters?

^ Yearick, Bob (April 22, 2015) “Presidential Campaign 2016: Republican Candidates Will Appeal to Religious Voters”, National Catholic Register. Retrieved April 23, 2015.

Who will be the president in 2016?

The incumbent in 2016, Barack Obama. His second term expired at noon on January 20, 2017. Article Two of the United States Constitution provides that the President and Vice President of the United States must be natural-born citizens of the United States, at least 35 years old, and residents of the United States for a period of at least 14 years.

Who won the United States presidential election of 2016?

Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States. The following candidates ran for the office of President of the United States. They were (1) nominated by their party for the presidency and (2) featured in at least three major national polls. For a full list of candidates by state, please see Candidates by state primary ballot.