Who died from Street Outlaws?

Who died from Street Outlaws?

Wayne Smozanek passed away at just 60 years old. As per Wendy’s Instagram page (@wendysmozanek), he celebrated his last birthday on July 14th, 2021. Wayne leaves behind his wife and their son Will Race Smozanek, however, as Wendy promised: “…his legacy will live on”.

What does Jason Cantu do for a living?

Who is Jason Cantu? Jason is a cast member on Street Outlaws: America’s List. The car racer and Brownsville, Texas native is the tuner and driver of the turbocharged, 1,500-plus horsepower Chevrolet S-10 known as “La Vicktoria”.

Why did flip from Street Outlaws shoot himself?

While his exact cause of death has remained a mystery, one popular theory is that the racer accidentally took his own life while drunk and handling a firearm. Beyond that, others have insinuated that Flip may have completed suicide due to depression and infidelity rumors.

How did Wayne from Street Outlaws pass away?

Veteran Pro Modified and no-prep drag racing competitor Wayne Smozanek, 60, succumbed to a lengthy battle with Covid-19 on Saturday, it was confirmed by his wife, Wendy. The Florida native owned and operated the Performance Center Auto Repair, founded in Jupiter, Florida in 1988.

What team is Jason Cantu on?

Team Vicktoria had a great weekend!

Who is Mike Murillo?

Mike is currently the 2018 Street Outlaws – No Prep Kings (NPK) and Dirty South No Prep (DSNP) champion, The 2018 champion is a self-proclaimed late bloomer to the racing world. He starts around the age of 21 or 22 years old when he used to drive a late 70’s Trans AM (Bandit style being his favorite).

What happened to Shane from Street Outlaws?

The crash destroyed the race car and resulted in a $40,000 air ambulance flight for Shane. Other than a severe concussion, and a few minor injuries, Shane survived the Sayre accident in reasonably good nick. The crash was a huge setback, according to Rex McAlary, Shane’s dad.