Who does Eldon end up with in The Next Step?

Who does Eldon end up with in The Next Step?

In the latest episode of The Next Step, Eldon and Thalia FINALLY make their relationship official – yey!

Do Michelle and Hunter get back together?

Although both liked each other, nothing came of their relationship because Michelle moved to Canada. Hunter joins The Next Step purely to get back together with Michelle, but is unable to, due to Michelle dating Eldon at the time.

What episode does Michelle and Eldon do their duet?

The uncut Micheldon dance seen in season 1 episode 19.

Who dated TNS Thalia?

Season 3. Thalia falls for Eldon, the feelings of which are reciprocated. She is upset when Eldon is unable to date her due to an agreement, but comes to terms with it.

Do Eldon and Michelle get together?

After breaking up with Eldon, Michelle agrees to go on a date with Hunter, although it does not go well, as all she can talk about is her ex-boyfriend.

Is Michelle in Season 8 The Next Step?

Michelle’s dad is relocated. Despite not being invited to do so, Michelle arrives at The Next Step and is permitted to audition for A-Troupe, which she makes it onto.

Do Emily and West get together?

Although, any potential date with West is thrown down the drain when she injures her knee. Having too much going on in her life, Emily decides to simply remain friends with West.

How old is Michelle the next step Season 1?

17 years old
The oldest is Bree Wasylenco ( Miss Kate ) 27 years old The youngest is Logan Fabbro ( Amanda ) 17 years old and Victoria Baldesarra ( Michelle ) 17 years old.

How did Michelle and Eldon break up?

Michelle becomes confused when Eldon begins avoiding her and eventually confronts him about his behavior. Although Eldon does not wish to give her an immediate answer, she demands it of him, resulting in him breaking up with her.

Who did Michelle date in The Next Step?

Eldon. Eldon is initially Michelle’s friend, although Michelle begins gaining feelings for him while he is in a relationship with Emily. Michelle is elated when Eldon finally admits his feelings for her and begins dating him after he breaks up with Emily.

How old is Eldon from The Next Step?

Isaac Lupien (born March 30, 1995) portrays Eldon on The Next Step.

How old is Michelle in The Next Step Season 1?