Who is Mark Anthony Fernandez son?

Who is Mark Anthony Fernandez son?

Grae FernandezMark Anthony Fernandez / Son

Fernandez married Melissa Garcia in 2006 but have since separated in 2014. They have a son named Grae Cameron.

Who is the father of Grae Fernandez?

Mark Anthony FernandezGrae Fernandez / Father

Who is Mark Anthony Fernandez parents?

Rudy Fernandez
Alma Moreno
Mark Anthony Fernandez/Parents

Who is Grae Fernandez mother?

Melissa FernandezGrae Fernandez / Mother

Who is Grae Fernandez?

Grae Cameron Garcia Fernandez (born November 7, 2001) is a Filipino teen actor, host and recording artist, known as one of the vocalists of Star Magic’s teen boy-group Gimme 5.

How old is Rudy Fernandez?

56 years (1952–2008)Rudy Fernandez / Age at death

How is Daniel Padilla related to Grae Fernandez?

Grae is the nephew of Rommel Padilla’s sons (Daniel and RJ Padilla), Robin Padilla’s daughters (his 3 daughters and 1 son to former wife Liezl Sicangco) which are Kylie, Queenie, Zhen-Zhen, and Ali Padilla, and to actress-reporter Erika Padilla.

Who is Aya Fernandez?

Competitive dancer, beauty queen and CEO of an eco-charcoal company — all rolled into one dynamic package, university student Aya Fernandez has done and inspired more in her 21 years than many others. Single-handedly, she’s defied any saying there is about the young and what is wasted on them.

Who is the first wife of Rudy Fernandez?

Lorna Tolentino
Rudy Fernandez (actor)

Rudy Fernandez
Spouse(s) Lorna Tolentino ​ ( m. 1983)​
Children 3 ( incl. Mark Anthony and Renz)
Parent(s) Pilar Padilla (mother) Gregorio Fernandez (father)
Relatives See Padilla-Fernandez family

Is Pops Fernandez related to Rudy Fernandez?

The character Rudy has depicted was Pops Fernandez’ father Eddie Fernandez. This is also Claudine Barretto’s first action film stint, who played as the young Pops in the movie.

Who is the wife of Mark Anthony Fernandez?

Melissa FernandezMark Anthony Fernandez / Wife (m. 2006)