Who played Darrin Stephens mother in Bewitched?

Who played Darrin Stephens mother in Bewitched?

Mabel Ida Albertson
Mabel Ida Albertson (July 24, 1901 – September 28, 1982) was an American actress of television, stage, radio and film who portrayed Phyllis Stephens in the TV sitcom Bewitched. Haverhill, Massachusetts, U.S. Santa Monica, California, U.S.

Who played Howard Sprague’s mom?

actress Mabel Albertson
Sprague is the overbearing mother of Howard Sprague, played by actress Mabel Albertson in four episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. Her first name is never revealed.

Who played Donald hollingers mother?

Mabel Albertson
George Lester (George Carlin), another one of Ann’s agents in a single episode. Mildred Hollinger (Mabel Albertson), Donald’s mother.

Who played Mrs Stevens?

Mrs Stevens

Fact title Fact data
Played by Priyanga Burford

Who played Gertrude on Bewitched?

Kit Smythe
Gertrude is Samantha’s mortal friend. Samantha plays matchmaker and invites Gertrude to dinner to meet Darrin’s colleague, Kermit, much to Darrin’s chagrin….

Biographical Information
Character Information
Portrayer Kit Smythe
Episode Love Is Blind

What was Darren’s mother’s name in Bewitched?

She doesn’t get along with Darrin’s mother, Phyllis Stephens, because she gets along too well with Phyllis’ husband, Frank. But they are civil to one another in what Samantha calls “killing one another with kindness”.

Who played Betty on Bewitched?

Jill Foster
Jill Foster was a Canadian actress with numerous comedic and dramatic appearances on CBC in the 1950s-1960s. Upon moving to California, she appeared in ten episodes of Bewitched, in the recurring role of Betty (with several different last names), secretary to Darrin Stevens.

Who played Mrs Stevens on The Honeymooners?

Ethel Owen (née Ethel Marguerite Waite; March 30, 1893 – February 16, 1997) was an American actress with a lengthy career on stage as well as radio and television. In her early sixties, during the mid-1950s, she had a memorable recurring TV role on The Honeymooners, playing Mrs.

Who was Hazel on Bewitched?

Myra De Groot
Myra De Groot: Hazel Carter, Receptionist Photos (1)

Is Gertrude a witch in Bewitched?

Although Samantha slyly avoids answering her husband, Darrin suspects Gertrude is a witch and tries to break up her romance with Kermit. Darrin arranges a meeting at a night spot for Kermit with Susan, a former girlfriend. There, Samantha uses witchcraft to get Susan into an argument with Kermit.

Was Adam West ever on Bewitched?

13. Bewitched, 1964. Before Batman, West guest-starred on Bewitched in the season 1 episode “Love Is Blind.” Samantha has Darrin invite a handsome artist named Kermit (West) to dinner as a potential suitor for her friend, Gertrude.

Why was Darren replaced on Bewitched?

York was replaced on the show by Dick Sargent in 1969 when problems stemming from an old back injury, including overdependence on painkillers, forced him to leave. The show continued until 1972. How many Darren’s were there on Bewitched? One of the most memorable recastings in TV history is also one of the oldest: the two Darrins of Bewitched.

Why did the first Darrin leave the TV show Bewitched?

Originally Answered: Why did the first Darren leave the TV show Bewitched? Dick York, the first Darren on the show had to leave for health reasons. He had been injured several years earlier while working on a western movie. Him an another guy were on one of those old style hand pumped railway hands cars.

Why did Darren leave Bewitched?

The Reason The First Darrin Left the TV Show Bewitched. Some actors grow disillusioned with their roles on TV and want something more, while others might find themselves in a dispute over money

Why were there two Darrins on Bewitched?

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