Who was Jayprakash Narayan?

Who was Jayprakash Narayan?

Jayaprakash Narayan ( listen (help·info); 11 October 1902 – 8 October 1979), popularly referred to as JP or Lok Nayak (Hindi for “People’s leader”), was an Indian independence activist, theorist, socialist and political leader.

Who wrote the book Dream of revolution?

Sujata Prasad
Bimal Prasad
The Dream Of A Revolution: A Biography of Jayaprakash Narayan/Authors

What is the main idea behind Total Revolution given by Jayaprakash Narayan?

He advocated a program of social transformation by participation of youth in social activities. He called it Total Revolution (Sampurna Kranti) Movement.

Why was the book Socialism written?

Jayaprakash NarayanWhy socialism? / Author

Who is called Lokanayaka?

Jayaprakash Narayan was called “Loknayaka”.

Who is known as the hero of Quit India Movement?

To strengthen the Indian freedom movement, he tried to bring about a rapprochement between the two leaders, but could not succeed in that. However, it was during the Quit India Movement of August 1942 that more sterling qualities of Jayaprakash Narayan came to the fore.

Was Einstein a Marxist?

Their position during the years of Stalin’s rule can be sum- marized roughly as follows: Einstein, though personally no Marxist, helped with his great science to reveal the objective dialectics of nature and thus contributed to the progress of the dialectico-materialist worldview.

What did Einstein say about capitalism?

“[Capitalism] as it exists today is, in my opinion, the real source of evils. I am convinced there is only one way to eliminate these grave evils, namely through the establishment of a socialist economy, accompanied by an educational system which would be oriented toward social goals.

Who is famous for Lok Nayak?

Jay Prakash Narayan
It is Jay Prakash Narayan who is known as Lok Nayak. Born in Bihar, Jay Prakash Narayan was one of the leaders of Indian national movement and his political career continued well beyond independence.

Who is known as Hero of Quit India Movement?

Jayaprakash Narayan: A Rebel Always. Jayaprakash Narayan has a unique position in the history of modern India as he has this inimitable distinction of actively participating in three popular movements of the country.

Who gave the slogan Quit India?

Yusuf Meherally
But the “Quit India” slogan is credited to another Congress leader, Yusuf Meherally, who is said to have come up with the phrase at a meeting of Gandhi’s close associates in Mumbai some time before the launch of the movement.

Who founded Azad dasta?

JP actively worked underground for Indian Freedom Movement in this period. For fighting the tyranny of British rule, he organised an “Azaad Dasta” (freedom brigade) in Nepal. After some months, he was arrested from Punjab while travelling in a train in September 1943.