Who was last juror to vote not guilty?

Who was last juror to vote not guilty?

12 Angry Men

Old man juror He’s the oldest person on the jury. He’s the second juror to vote not guilty. His name is McCardle (end of movie).
Angry juror He’s the last juror to vote not guilty. He’s angry because he lost his son.

Who says you work your life rotten kids?

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Why is four still not able to change his vote?

Why is four still not able to change his vote? There is still no reasonable doubt in the logical one’s mind that the kid is guilty; the lady has a good memory and she saw the murder committed.

Why do the other jurors get up from the table?

In the scene where Ten starts talking about “those people,” why do the other jurors get up from the table? Their body language would indicate that they do not want to hear what he has to say and that his biases against “those people” are not relevant to the case at hand.

How did Juror 8 Discredit the old man’s testimony?

How did Juror 8 discredit what the old man testified that he heard the night of the murder? He points out that the el train is extremely loud, and because of that, he would not be able to hear anything.

How many jurors do you need for not guilty?

If jurors drop out because of illness or another reason, the trial can continue with a minimum of 12 jurors, but the support of eight jurors is still needed for a guilty verdict; anything less is treated as an acquittal. In civil cases there is a jury of 12, with a minimum of 10 needed to continue the trial.

What does Juror 8 say that upsets Juror 3 at the end of the act how does Juror 3 react?

What does Juror 8 say that upsets Juror 3 at the end of the act? Juror 8 tells Juror 3 that he is a sadist and that he personally wants the boy to die. Juror 3 leaves the room. Juror 8 tells Juror 3 that he is a sadist and that he personally wants the boy to die.

Why did Juror 8 change his vote?

It is through his persuasive abilities that one by one, the other jurors change their initial vote from guilty to not guilty. In the first vote, Juror 8 is the only one to vote not guilty. He does this not because he really feels that the defendant is necessarily innocent, but for another reason altogether.

What proposal does Juror 8 make at the end of Act 1?

secret ballot vote

Why does Juror 8 feel like the trial was peculiar?

Juror 8 says he had a peculiar feeling about this trial. What does he think was wrong? He thinks that the man who heard the boy was wrong and that he heard something and assumed it was the boy. he thinks that the jury might be on to something and 4 wanted to see it again.

What does Juror 8 do for a living?

Juror 8’s name is Davis and his occupation is an architect. It is obvious that he was very intelligent and has many years of experience in his job. You can tell that he is a good architect when he specificly demonstrates things like how far the old man went from his room to the door and he even drew out blue prints.

Who do the jurors think changed his vote?

Who do the jurors think changed his vote? The jurors think juror number five changed his vote.

Why is Juror 8 a hero?

By the end of the movie, Juror #8 has proven himself to be a true hero for standing by his principles and having the courage and skill to put them to work. He eventually gets the jury to find the defendant Not Guilty, and in the process, he avoids sending an innocent 18 year-old kid to jail.

What does this episode reveal about eight?

What does this episode reveal about EIGHT? He does his research and thinks things through. What proposition does EIGHT make his fellow jurors? They will have a secret ballot vote, he won’t vote, and if everybody votes “guilty” he will change his vote.

Why does Juror 3 want the boy to be guilty?

Juror 3 has a son that he hasn’t spoken to in 3 years, so he is anxious to blame ‘rotten kids’ for all the problems that exist in the world. He was ashamed when his son was 8 and walked away from a fight, so he rode him hard to ‘make a man out of him. ‘ When his son was a teenager, he punched his father in the face.

Who says you can’t believe a word they say you know that?

Juror #9

What is the dramatic reason for giving the jurors numbers rather than names?

A jury usually withheld names in order to remove any effects of names, castes etc into the process. Inside the jury room, the people are simply humans trying to impart justice. When two people swap names, it signifies a bond, especially if it is done after passing through an experience together.

How many jurors vote guilty for the accused to be convicted?

twelve jurors

Why does Juror 8 call a secret ballot?

The vote by secret ballot that Eight proposes symbolizes an ideal principle of justice that is unbiased. The initial vote by hand, and the following discussion among the jurors, shows that many are swayed by the opinions of others, by the pressures of conformity, and by other concerns.

What does eight say bothered him about the boy’s trial?

What does EIGHT say bothered him about the boy’s trial? He doesn’t think the defendant’s attorney did a good job or defending the kid.

Did three finally believe the boy was not guilty?

Did Three finally believe the boy was not guilty, or did he vote just to get it over with? Support your answer. He voted because he believed he was not guilty. Four told him,”let him live,” and Eight said,”He is not your boy.

Why did Juror 5 change his vote to not guilty?

Juror 9 bases his argument as to why the man lied by saying he is the same man and can relate. Why does Juror 5 change his vote? the old man could not have ‘run’ and even if he walked over he couldn’t have made his way over to the door as fast as he claimed. Juror 8 makes a new discovery as to why the boy is innocent.

What does Juror 3 yell at Juror 8 that hurts Juror 3’s argument?

Example: Juror #8 says that the boys would never yell, “I’m going to kill you.” Juror #3 later attacks #8 because he’s irritated he’s keeping them there. Juror #3 yells in anger, “Let me go, I’ll kill him, I’ll kill him!.” (at #8) To which, #8 says soemthing like “you really didn’t mean that, did you?”