Why do companies use Wonderlic?

Why do companies use Wonderlic?

The Wonderlic test helps to determine a person’s cognitive ability. Knowing employees’ cognitive ability can help improve their performance. The test can detect, rather than predict, performance.

Who takes the Wonderlic test?

It has been used in the Navy and to determine IQs, but in the 1970s Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry began quizzing players with the test, and it has been done in the league ever since.

What is the QB Wonderlic test?

He was chosen in the fifth round of the 1975 draft by the Bengals.) Designed in 1939 by Northwestern graduate psychology student Eldon Wonderlic, the Wonderlic is a form of IQ test that seeks to measure general cognitive ability in the subject areas of math, vocabulary and reasoning.

Can I take the NFL Wonderlic test?

The NFL (National Football League) utilizes the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test (WCA) as part of the drafting process during the NFL Scouting Combine. NFL candidates take the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test prior to showing their skills on the football field.

What was Baker Mayfield’s Wonderlic score?

a 25

Does Wonderlic really matter?

Various studies have supported or rejected the claim that Wonderlic scores correlate to future success in the NFL. A study done by two Louisville professors found no correlation whatsoever in regard to the quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers they studied, whether drafted or undrafted.

What questions are asked on the Wonderlic test?

  •  Quick Recognition. Questions include ordering dates, analyzing graphs, identifying duplicates in a chart, finishing number sequences, etc.
  •  Logic Questions. Deductive reasoning, shape pattern recognition, 3D shape configuration and 2D spatial reasoning.
  •  Verbal Reasoning.
  • M. Word Problems.

How does Wonderlic affect IQ?

The average Wonderlic Test score is usually 20 to 21, roughly equivalent to an IQ of 100. The maximum and mininum scores are 50 and 10 respectively, in which a score of 10 usually indicates illiteracy, or a person which is barely literate.

What is online Wonderlic assessment?

The Wonderlic, or Wonderlic Personnel Test – Revised (WPT-R), is a test used by companies to gauge the intelligence of prospective employees. Employer’s will have different requirements as far as scoring, but a score of 20 is meant to indicate an average intelligence corresponding to an IQ of 100).

What companies use the Wonderlic test?

Fortune 500 companies like BP, civic services like the city of Toronto, major franchises like Subway, utility companies, management consulting firms, and a variety of other companies in various industries utilize at least one version of the exam.

Can you use calculator on Wonderlic?

Since the Wonderlic test is about 33% math, many test-takers wonder if they can use a calculator. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bring one into the test with you.

What was Russell Wilson Wonderlic score?


What did Cam Newton score on the Wonderlic test?


What is a good score on a Wonderlic test?

The average score for the Wonderlic test is 20 out of a possible 50, according to Wonderlic Inc. The test is timed and composed of 50 questions, with one point awarded for each correct answer. ​ A person who scores a 10 or above is considered literate, while anything lower might suggest illiteracy.