Why is it called 6 head?

Why is it called 6 head?

The concept behind the 6 HEAD brand stretches back to Australia’s colonial roots, when steak was one of the rarest of pleasures. At the time, the First Fleet brought with them just six head of black Cape cattle on the HMS Sirius. Not long after landing on Australia’s shores, the cattle vanished without a trace.

Who is the owner of 6 head?

Bradley Michael, CEO of the Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group, talks about the company’s latest award-winning establishment, 6HEAD. This premium steakhouse sits in a heritage building on the waterfront of The Rocks in Sydney, enjoying sweeping views from the Opera House to the Bridge.

When did 6HEAD open?

The best steak you’ve ever tasted in a 180 year old heritage building. A visit to Sydney’s premier waterfront steak restaurant, 6HEAD, is a step back in time. The venue is a historic building of rough timber and sandstone, built in 1839 that tells a story of The Rocks long and colourful past.

Who is 6head for?

6HEAD isn’t just another steak restaurant: It’s an alchemy of many components emulsified to create a magical guest experience. 6HEAD is for discerning guests who want the best steak and dining experience in Sydney. It’s also for people who appreciate quality, seasonal and uncomplicated food, prepared using cutting-edge culinary techniques.

Is the Head Ti 6 a good racket?

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What cuts of meat are on the 6head menu?

In keeping with the signature ‘6HEAD’ theme, our chef-curated menu focuses on six cuts of steak: rump, rib-eye, T-bone, eye fillet, scotch fillet and sirloin. Working hand-in-hand with respected local meat purveyors ensures the utmost quality in every cut – from grass-fed beef to top-grade succulent Wagyu with an unparalleled flavour profile.

Should I get the HeadRush or Line 6?

If amps matter to you more than effects, then go with the HeadRush, but remember that in both cases third-party IRs can be loaded to completely change the character of the amps. HeadRush offers a couple of free Celestion IRs via its website, and Line 6 has the Allure pack available from its own, so you might not even have to purchase extras.