Why is Jim leaving Sky Sports?

Why is Jim leaving Sky Sports?

Unsupported location. Jim White is leaving Sky Sports News after 23 years to focus on other media challenges. From interviewing Sir Alex Ferguson, Pele and Franz Beckenbauer, to the collapse of the European Super League, plus countless deadline day scoops, Jim has always been first with the breaking news.

Why has Jim White quit?

Deadline Day icon Jim White LEAVES Sky Sports News after 23 years on the channel as he reveals ‘other media challenges lie ahead’ in his career.

Is Jim White retiring from sky?

SKY SPORTS NEWS presenter Jim White has announced he is leaving the channel after 23 years. The 64-year-old became synonymous with Transfer Deadline Day, and famed for his yellow tie while presenting. White posted the news on Twitter with the statement: “After 23 years, it’s time to bid farewell to Sky Sports.

Where was Jim White born?

Glasgow, United KingdomJim White / Place of birth

Where is Jim White now?

White is now with the McFarland USA Foundation. The donation from Bakersfield East Rotary will be used to purchase new track shoes and other equipment for the McFarland High School track team.

Which Sky Sports presenters are leaving?

Broadcaster Chris Kamara is leaving Sky Sports at the end of the season after 24 years. The presenter and former footballer, 64, recently revealed he had developed a speech apraxia disorder alongside an existing thyroid issue. “My long career at Sky Sports has never felt like work.

How old is Jim Whyte?

About 65 years (1957)Jim White / Age

Where does Jim White live now?

White has lived in McFarland ever since. He and his wife Cheryl met at Magic Valley Christian College in Idaho.

Is Geoff leaving Sky Sports?

Stelling announced his decision to step down in October last year after 30 years at Sky. Following discussions with Sky Sports, he has decided to stay on as host of Soccer Saturday for at least the 2022/23 season. “Sky Sports is my home, and the Soccer Saturday team are a big part of my life,” said Stelling.

Is Chris Kamara leaving Sky?

Chris Kamara, a 24-year veteran of Sky Sports, is leaving the broadcaster at the end of the 2021/22 football season. “My long career at Sky Sports has never felt like work. I’ve spent 24 terrific years at Sky, and leave with the best of memories,” Kamara said in a statement.

Where did Jim White grow up?

James “Jim” White (born May 14, 1941, in Sweetwater, Texas) is an American track and field coach, a former high school cross country coach at McFarland High School….James White (cross-country)

James White
Born May 14, 1941 Sweetwater, Texas
Spouse(s) Cheryl White
Children Julie White, Jami White, Tami White