Why is the Oranjemund shipwreck important?

Why is the Oranjemund shipwreck important?

This discovery is of tremendous importance. Based on the available literature, it can be concluded that the wreck represents the oldest European vessel to be discovered in sub-Saharan Africa to date.

What is Oranjemund shipwreck?

The Oranjemund shipwreck is the oldest wreck ever found in sub-Saharan Africa and received world-wide attention in the media. After an initial survey was undertaken and a representative sample of artifacts and ecofacts recovered, the site was reburied.

What happened to the Bom Jesus?

It is speculated that the Bom Jesus sank when it was pulled too closely to shore in a storm off the coast of Namibia, causing the ship’s hull to collide with a rock and lean over, capsizing the vessel.

Where was the first shipwreck in South Africa?

Location of the wreck Little is know about the shipwreck, other than it being the earliest recorded maritime disaster in the Cape. It is believed to have occurred somewhere between Mossel Bay and Dana Bay, as shown on this map provided by VisitMosselBay.co.za.

Where is the Bredasdorp Shipwreck?

The wreckage is far off the shore and several metres beneath the surface; a plaque on the beachfront commemorates those who died. There are also several artefacts recovered from the wreckage on display in the Bredasdorp Shipwreck Museum. Beneath the generally tranquil waters off Camps Bay lies a shipwreck with a particularly sombre story.

How did the Waenhuiskrans get back to Cape Town?

A farmer’s son discovered them a few days later, and they were able to make their way back to Cape Town. Interesting fact The nearby town of Waenhuiskrans was renamed Arniston in honour of those lost in the shipwreck. Location of the wreck The wreckage lies about 900 meters offshore, under six metres of water.

Where is the Shipwreck Trail at Cape Point?

Its cargo included six sherman tanks. Location of the wreck Chunks of the vessel are strewn across the beach at Cape Point, making it one of several wrecks for which the Shipwreck Trail is named. Important note This wreck is located in Cape Point Nature Reserve, which is currently closed due to Covid-19.