Why would someone get kicked off eBay?

Why would someone get kicked off eBay?

Listing banned items or committing a crime. There are also laws that prevent you from saying certain things to other people—threats and harassment are good examples. Violate the law or any of eBay’s product or communication safety policies and your selling will be restricted.

How do I Unsuspend my eBay account?

If your account was restricted or suspended because of outstanding seller costs or a refund reimbursement, you can make a one-time payment to resolve the issue. When we receive your payment, your account will be reinstated.

Can eBay ban you for life?

This suspension is permanent and means that you will not be able to participate in any buying or selling activities on eBay. In addition, any other accounts that you own, or that are associated with this account, will also be suspended.

Why did eBay suspend my account for no reason?

Holds, restrictions, or suspensions are usually placed on accounts for one of the following reasons: You have eBay fees to pay. You need to reimburse eBay for a refund it made to your buyer. You have violated one of eBay’s rules or policies.

Can you create a new eBay account after suspension?

eBay has this strict policy that will not allow you to create a new account once they permanently suspend you. Again, note the word permanently suspend you. If it is a temporary restriction, they will inform you in the email that you can appeal it if you want.

Can eBay Tell your IP address?

Because eBay cannot see your real IP address, it will not register that you are the same user and will not block you from creating a new account. Secondly, it’s worth remembering that stealth accounts technically go against eBay’s terms and conditions.

Is eBay suspension permanent?

eBay may implement account suspensions for seven, ten or 30 days – or even indefinitely! A full suspension is usually the outcome of a serious violation of eBay’s rules and policies. This can also happen if you consistently under-perform.

Can you open another eBay account after suspension?

Can I have 2 eBay accounts with the same PayPal?

Can you use the same PayPal account for all these multiple eBay accounts? Yes, you can! You don’t have to even create new emails for each; you can use the same PayPal payment email for all your eBay accounts.

What happens if eBay suspends your account?

What Happens When eBay Suspends Your Account. If your account is suspended and you have existing listings, you won’t be able to edit them. Bidders will be able to retract any bids they’ve made, and you can’t contact bidders or reply to any questions you receive via eBay Messages until your account is reinstated.

Can I open a new eBay account if mine is suspended?

Can my wife and I have separate eBay accounts?

eBay’s Multiple Account Policy Though selling using multiple accounts is allowed, there are some important things to understand about eBay and the use of multiple accounts: Identification Must Be Separate: Each eBay account must have a unique seller ID and email address.