Will there ever be another I Am Number Four movie?

Will there ever be another I Am Number Four movie?

However, nothing seems to have grown out of those discussions, and in 2021 when speaking with Screen Rant, Alex Pettyfer provided an update on I Am Number Four 2: Pettyfer stated that a sequel would likely never happen because Dreamworks had moved on: “I think just as a collective slate, maybe the movies didn’t perform …

Will there be AI Am Number Four sequel?

Exclusive: Actor Alex Pettyfer honestly answers why he thinks a sequel to 2011’s I Am Number Four directed by DJ Caruso has never happened. Actor Alex Pettyfer gave an honest answer to why he thinks a sequel to 2011’s I Am Number Four has never happened.

When did the power of six come out?

August 23, 2011The Power of Six / Originally published

The Power of Six is the second book in the young adult science fiction series The Lorien Legacies, written by Pittacus Lore (James Frey and Jobie Hughes). It is the sequel to I Am Number Four, and was released August 23, 2011 by HarperCollins Publishers.

Is there a sequel to the 2nd?

Is The 2nd a sequel? No, The 2nd is not a sequel.

Who does six end up with?

Sam Goode. Sam is Six’s love interest and in The Revenge of Seven they become a couple.

What movies are being remade in 2021?

Remake Movies 2021 List

  • West Side Story.
  • Cruella.
  • The Guilty.
  • Twist.

Is mono The Thin Man?

Yes, Mono in Little Nightmares 2 is really the villain Thin Man. More accurately, he transforms into the Thin Man after Six’s betrayal. His transformation is all the sadder since Six, someone who was so close Mono ended up betraying him.

How did united as one end?

They attempt to fight the Piken-Mog with his power, but it is ultimately defeated by Daniela, who turns it to stone. John, Five—who survived the Augments—and Sam watch the destruction on the news….

United as One
Predecessor The Fate of Ten
Successor Generation One

Do John and Sarah end up together in I Am Number Four?

Physically speaking John and Sarah progressed as far as kissing however emotionally they are described as in true love. Sarah tells John at the end of the novel that she will wait for him and does not come with him, Sam, and Six as they leave Paradise.