How many goals Belotti scored for Italy?

How many goals Belotti scored for Italy?

In the Italian Serie A season 2021/22, Andrea Belotti has played 15 matches (plus 6 as a sub). They have 20 shots on target from a total of 45 shots and have scored 8 goals (7.45 xG)….

Full nameAndrea Belotti
Age 28 (DOB: 20/12/1993) Country Italy
Height 181cm Weight 72kg
Squad no9 Date signed18/08/2015

Why is Andrea Belotti not playing?

Diagnosed with minor injury Belotti pulled the biceps femoris muscle in his left thigh, Torino announced. Impact Belotti will probably have to miss a couple of matches, but the injury is not as serious as the ones he suffered earlier in the season.

How old is Belotti?

28 years (December 20, 1993)Andrea Belotti / Age

Is Belotti injured?

There is finally some good news for Torino and Italy, as Andrea Belotti is back in training after 10 weeks out with a serious muscular tear. The striker sustained damage to the femoral bicep in his right leg during the 1-0 defeat to Roma on November 28.

Is Belotti a good striker?

The 27 year-old Italian striker is a goal machine scoring 104 goals in 222 appearances for Torino since his arrival from Palmero in 2015. Belotti has reached double figures in each season since arriving at Torino with his most impressive season coming in 2016-17 when he scored 25 league goals.

How tall is Belotti?

5′ 11″Andrea Belotti / Height

Who does Belotti play for?

Torino F.C.#9 / Forward
Italy national football team#9 / Forward
Andrea Belotti/Current teams

How old is Lorenzo Insigne?

30 years (June 4, 1991)Lorenzo Insigne / Age

Insigne, 30, will join Toronto FC after spending most of his career with Serie A side Napoli, where he’s made a combined 416 appearances, scoring 114 goals with 95 assists across all competitions (Serie A, Coppa Italia, Super Cup, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League).

Is Belotti good player?

Belotti is one of them. He is a powerful and outstanding player, but he knows how to convey a lot to his team, his teammates, and the fans to all football fans.

What team does Belotti play for?

What is Belotti?

Belotti is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include: Amelia Belotti (born 1988), Argentine handball player. Andrea Belotti (born 1993), Italian footballer.

Is Lorenzo Insigne married?

Genoveffa DaroneLorenzo Insigne / Spouse (m. 2012)