How much does a Saracens rugby player get paid?

How much does a Saracens rugby player get paid?

The average salary for Saracens rugby players is about £120K for senior players. Young Saracens players in their first year on a full contract earn about £40K. This will double within the next few years. Academy players earn between £15-25K depending on their academy year.

How much did Nigel Wray pay for Saracens?

Owner Nigel Wray has agreed to sell a controlling stake in Saracens to a consortium which plans to invest UK£32 million (US$43.5 million) to establish the top-flight English rugby union club as a global force.

Does Nigel Wray still own Saracens?

Sky News can exclusively reveal that Nigel Wray has agreed the terms of a takeover of Saracens by a group of investors led by Dominic Silvester, a long-standing Saracens supporter and the chief executive of Enstar Group, a multinational insurance company.

Who is Nigel Wray Saracens?

Nigel Wray, the outgoing majority stakeholder of Saracens, has ensured that; and rugby, on balance, is better for it. Saracens announced at the weekend that, 26 years after he began backing the north London club, Wray was stepping back and taking on a minority, silent stakeholder role.

How much does Johnny Sexton earn?

around €650,000 every season
– IrishTimes Mar 2021 Ireland and Leinster outhalf Johnny Sexton has signed a one year extension to his IRFU contract up to the end of the 2021/22 season. Johnny Sexton’s current IRFU salary is believed to be around €650,000 every season.

How rich is Nigel Wray?

2. Saracens owner: Nigel Wray net worth – £315 million.

How did Nigel Wray make his money?

Nigel Wray General Information He is the Chairman and major shareholder of Saracens Rugby Football Club and has an impressive and widely recognised track record for successful investment in privately and publicly owned businesses including high profile names as Domino’s Pizza.

How much does Tadhg Furlong earn?

TADHG FURLONG (Leinster) – £530,000.

How much does Joe Marler earn?

Joe Marler’s salary is currently about £340K at Harlequins. This is nearly three times the average Premiership salary. Marler extended his contract in 2020 to run up to mid-2023. He is entering the final stage of his career but should command at least one more contract of high value.

How much do rugby referees earn?

According to a French report on finances in rugby, Pro14 referees earn around £3,500 per month for officiating in the competition. Meanwhile, Premier League referee salary figures are much higher, with some officials topping the £200,000 mark per year.

How much does Robbie Henshaw earn?

Robbie Henshaw – €450,000.