Is F1 or MotoGP more popular?

Is F1 or MotoGP more popular?

MotoGP is also in the lead on YouTube with 1.86 million (compared with F1 at 1.8 million) and Instagram with 6.4 million MotoGP fans beating out the 5.5 million F1 followers. Twitter is the only one in which F1 still takes the lead with 3.74 million compared to MotoGP’s 2.48 million.

Which is bigger Formula 1 or MotoGP?

The Main Differences A MotoGP bike weighs around 157kg on its own, while an F1 car and its driver must weigh a minimum of 740kg.

Which is more difficult F1 or MotoGP?

No question – a MotoGP bike is far more difficult to ride than a Formula 1 car is to drive, and far riskier not being surrounded by safety bodywork. You cannot fall off a car, serious injuries are common for motorcycle racers.

Is F1 growing in popularity?

ESPN viewership has been steadily increasing as well with an average of 1.44 million viewers for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in March, marking the network’s largest F1 audience since 1995. And there’s no signs of slowing down with Miami set to look like a mini-Monaco from May 6-8.

Is MotoGP faster than F1 Reddit?

F1 cars are significantly faster around a track than MotoGP purely because you have 2 wheels worth more grip.

Where is MotoGP popular?

According to Google Trends, which maps searches and news items from Google searches from around the world, the country with the most MotoGP maniacs is Indonesia .

Is MotoGP safer than F1?

In total across all classes and events since its creation, 104 riders have died at a Moto Grand Prix event compared with just 52 drivers who have been fatally injured at an FIA World Championship event or while driving an F1 vehicle at another event.

What takes more skill MotoGP or F1?

The cornering speeds of MotoGP are much slower than F1, meaning if they have an off its a slower one. However, this is offset by the reduced safety features of falling off a bike compared to crashing a car. As for which is more skill full, I don’t think you can compare. Both of them require immense skill.

Why is Formula 1 not popular in US?

The main reason F1 is not popular in the US is because of tradition and culture. F1 emerged in Europe in 1950 when a wide variety of motorsports were born in the US, causing a divergence of interests and exposure over the years.

Which country has the most MotoGP fans?

With four Grand Prix—more than any other country on this season’s calendar—Spain boasts an enormous MotoGP fan base, which always shows up in force to support the Repsol Honda Team.

Is MotoGP more popular than F1?

Currently on Facebook MotoGP almost doubles the F1 fans at 13 million compared with F1 at just 7 million. MotoGP is also in the lead on YouTube with 1.86 million (compared with F1 at 1.8 million) and Instagram with 6.4 million MotoGP fans beating out the 5.5 million F1 followers.

How dangerous is MotoGP compared to Formula 1?

The no-holds barred racing that characterises MotoGP ahead of Formula 1, combined with the exposure of the rider to the elements and top speeds of over 220 miles per hour, makes MotoGP seriously dangerous. These guys crash a lot – over 500 times a season, in fact.

Is F1 waning while MotoGP is waxing?

Those numbers don’t seem to add up – surely more people still watch F1 – but they do underline the general feeling that F1 is waning while MotoGP is waxing. Roebuck – who has covered F1 since 1971 and is a keen follower of MotoGP – has plenty to say about F1’s problems, including the damage done by incessant rule changes.