What are multiple sources?

What are multiple sources?

Multi-source, as it applies to downloading data, or files from the internet, is a method of decreasing download time for large files by getting data from two or more sources.

What can we learn from coins?

Coins form an important source of historical information. Ancient coins were mostly made up of gold, silver copper.. Or lead. Coins molds of kushan period made of burnt clay have been also discovered. Some of the coins contain religious and legendary symbols which throw light on the culture of that time……

How do coins help us to study history for Class 6?

The coins plays an vital role in illuminating history not known from other sources and help in it’s reconstruction. study of coins modify and amplify history. Hoards are special findings of coins discovered almost by chance apart from stray coin finds or archaeological discoveries….

How do we study the past?

Historians study the past by interpreting evidence. The historian works by examining primary sources — texts, artifacts, and other materials from the time period.

What are the sources of history class 6?


  • Prehistory – no written records – archaeological sources are the only sources.
  • Proto-history – few written records – archaeological sources are the main source.
  • History – plenty of written records – archaeological sources are one of the many sources.

What are the two main sources for studying the past?

There are two main types of historical sources: primary sources and secondary sources. A primary source is something that originates from the past.

What can we know about the past Class 6?

We can know about the past by knowing several things. For example, We can find out—what people ate, the kinds of clothes they wore, the houses in which they lived. We can find out about hunters, herdsmen, farmers, rulers, merchants, priests, crafts persons, artists, musicians and scientists….

Why is it good to use a variety of sources for research?

Using a variety of sources for a research is very important because it essentially helps to explore the variables of the research completely from different angles and perspectives.

Why are coins important to historians?

Coins are one of the most important sources of information from which archaeologists and historians can try to interpret the past. This is partly because, unlike most other ancient artefacts, they are often stamped with words and images. It is also because they are hard-wearing and survive in large numbers….

Why did coins start to have images on two sides?

Why did coins start to images on two sides? because the coin issuers, or seigniors, wanted to see their faces on the coins….

What are the important sources of history?

History: Primary & Secondary Sources Primary sources may include diaries, letters, interviews, oral histories, photographs, newspaper articles, government documents, poems, novels, plays, and music. The collection and analysis of primary sources is central to historical research….

How do you make use of coins in teaching history?

The students will be able to:

  1. Observe old coins and extract information like dates, names of rulers, the names of the countries issuing them etc.
  2. Realize the importance of coins as sources of History.
  3. Design their own coins.

What are manuscripts Class 6?

Manuscript were written by hands. these were usually written on palm leaves or on the specially prepared bark of a tree. Manuscripts are written recod of information written on paper during ancient period that re endangered and some are still preserved in museums and temples.

What is the oldest coin ever found?

Lydian stater

Why is it important to use multiple sources?

Utilizing different resources can allow you to compare and evaluate data to gain a full understanding of your market and industry. This also will help you prepare for all potential risks you might face later.

Why are coins still used?

These costs, along with general inertia and the fact the people increasingly avoid using cash altogether are probably the main reason why we still have coin currency. Coins have a far longer lifetime than notes. So the cost of replacing worn notes is highly significant, particularly for low value notes….

How do coins help in narrating history?

Coins are so far used from ancient times to the present lives. It is always represent to economic and rule around the world. It comes under gold and silver a coin that includes Canadian Silver maple leaf and American Gold Eagle. This is also engaging in foreign trade values….

What sources can you use?

Types of Sources

  • Scholarly publications (Journals) A scholarly publication contains articles written by experts in a particular field.
  • Popular sources (News and Magazines)
  • Professional/Trade sources.
  • Books / Book Chapters.
  • Conference proceedings.
  • Government Documents.
  • Theses & Dissertations.

Why do we need to study the past?

Studying history enables us to develop better understanding of the world in which we live. Building knowledge and understanding of historical events and trends, especially over the past century, enables us to develop a much greater appreciation for current events today.

Why do we need several sources in studying history?

The use of primary sources exposes students to important historical concepts. Further, as students use primary sources, they develop important analytical skills. To many students, history is seen as a series of facts, dates, and events usually packaged as a textbook. The use of primary sources can change this view….

In what ways is the coin different from the ones we use today?

Answer: The ancient coins were made up of many metals such as copper, silver and gold whereas the modern coins are made up of steel. The weight of the ancient coins was heavy whereas the modern coins are very lighter in weight. Coins also contain the figures of kings and gods….

Why are coins made of copper?

Since ancient times copper has been used in coins; the Romans used copper widely in this application. The reasons for using copper are its excellent corrosion resistance, ease of stamping, good electrical conductivity for vending machines and ease of recycling.

How do coins help us in learning about a civilization?

Also the coins in which names of kings appear enable historians to know about the chronology of a ruling dynasty. The coins issued particularly by the Kushanas refer to the dates on which they were put into circulation. This helps a lot to reconstruct an accurate history of the period….

How coins were made in the past?

Minting Technologies Coins were first made of scraps of metal. Ancient coins were produced through a process of hitting a hammer positioned over an anvil. The rich iconography of the obverse of the early electrum coins contrasts with the dull appearance of their reverse which usually carries only punch marks.

What is the oldest coin still in circulation?

In Australia, our decimal coins were first struck in 1966, and as the copper nickel alloy is fairly resilient, they’re the oldest coins that can still be found in circulation here.

Why do we need to study the past Class 6?

Answer: We need to study the past because history records the past as chain of events right till the present time. Hence, our present is shaped by events of the past. The past has a lot of effect on how the world around us exists at present.