What does AWT mean in medical terms?

What does AWT mean in medical terms?

Abbreviation for interferential current.

What is AWT short for?


Acronym Definition
AWT Average Wait Time
AWT Awaiting Trial
AWT Air Weapons Team (military unit)
AWT Average Work Time

What does can stand for in medical terms?

Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy. Neuropathy, Diabetic, Diabet.

What is the meaning of WF in medical terms?

Reviewed on 3/29/2021. WF: Medical shorthand for white female.

Which is a component in AWT that can contain?

The Container is a component in AWT that can contain another components like buttons, textfields, labels etc. The classes that extends Container class are known as container such as Frame, Dialog and Panel.

How many types of controls does AWT support?

AWT supports the following types of controls: Labels, push buttons, check boxes, check box groups, lists, scroll bars, text fields etc.

What does AWT stands for MCQ?

abstract window Toolkit
AWT stands for abstract window Toolkit.

What is AWT explain with an example?

AWT stands for Abstract window toolkit is an Application programming interface (API) for creating Graphical User Interface (GUI) in Java. It allows Java programmers to develop window-based applications. AWT provides various components like button, label, checkbox, etc. used as objects inside a Java Program.

Which are various AWT controls?

awt package that supports various AWT controls like Label, Button, CheckBox, CheckBox Group, List, Text Field, Text Area, Choice, Canvas, Image, Scrollbar, Dialog, File Dialog, etc that creates or draw various components on web and manage the GUI based application.

Which of these methods is a part of AWT graphics?

Which of these methods is a part of Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT)? Explanation: paint() is an abstract method defined in AWT. 4.