What is standard guitar nut width?

What is standard guitar nut width?

1 11/16”
On acoustic guitars, there’s a spectrum of nut widths. They typically go between 1 11/16” to 1 3/4”, but some go to 1 7/8” and 1 23/32”. Even though the differences between these nut widths are incredibly small, your hands can still feel it.

What is the best nut width for guitar?

What is the most common nut width for guitars?

  • 43 millimeters or 1 11/16 inches. The most common nut width is best known thanks to the electric guitar and especially the world-famous Stratocaster from Fender.
  • 49 millimeters or 1 15/16 inches.

Which electric guitars have the widest nut width?

List of 20 Other Wide Neck Electric Guitars

Model Nut Width Check Price
Epiphone DC Pro 1.68”(42.67mm) Sweetwater – Thomann
Epiphone Firebird Vintage Sunburst 1.693 (43mm) Sweetwater – Thomann
Gibson Les Paul Junior 1.7″ (43.053mm) Sweetwater – Thomann
Gibson Les Paul Standard ’60s 1.69″ (43.05mm) Sweetwater – Thomann

Which guitars have the widest nut?

Which guitar has the widest nut? The Cordoba C10 and C12 are both at 2.04″ nut width, which is the widest we’ve ever seen. However, it’s likely there are other six-string classical guitars out there with a a similar measurement, perhaps even slightly wider.

What is the nut width on a Les Paul?

The neck width at the nut of a typical Les Paul is 1.695 inches (43mm).

Is a wider nut width easier to play?

Some Playing Styles Are Best on a Wide Nut For example, both finger-picking and plucking are made easier by the wider spacing, helping the player to master this style more efficiently.

Are wide neck guitars easier to play?

If you have large hands, yes, wide neck guitars are much easier to play. The way you can’t fit a football into a golf hole, you can’t fit large fingers into small frets or string spacings.

Which guitar is best for fat fingers?

Wide neck guitars are the best choice for players with fat fingers. Wide neck guitars are especially good for players with big fingers, which can get in the way of playing chords on a standard guitar neck. I tested 9 guitars and found the best wide neck electric guitar for fat fingers is the Fender Player Stratocaster.

Which Les Paul has the widest neck?

Full Table

Guitars Width at Nut Scale Length
Gibson Les Paul Standard 1.695″ 24.75″
Gibson SG Standard 1.695″ 24.75″
PRS SE Standard 1.6875 25
Fender American Ultra Stratocaster 1.685 25.5

Is a Les Paul easier to play than a Strat?

Les Paul vs Strat String Tension A big part of a guitar’s playability is due to string tension. The higher the string tension, the harder you need to work to press down and move the strings. A Les Paul has lower string tension when compared to a Strat with the same gauge strings. This makes a Les Paul easier to play.

Are thinner neck guitars easier to play?

Thinner neck guitars can be easier to play for some guitarists, which is based on their preferred playing style, hands’ size, subjective feel, and experience. So, some players will find the thin guitar necks easier for playing and practicing, while others will say the thick ones are the best ones.

What guitars have the widest neck?

Top 10 Wide Neck Acoustic Guitars

  • Seagull S-6 Original.
  • Seagull Artist Mosaic.
  • Seagull Coastline Momentum HG Acoustic-Electric.
  • Seagull Performer CW Concert Hall Burnt Umber QIT Acoustic-Electric.
  • Takamine EF740FS TT Thermal Top Acoustic-Electric.
  • Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar.
  • Cordoba C4-CE Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar.