Why was Sea Patrol Cancelled?

Why was Sea Patrol Cancelled?

The Nine Network has confirmed the cancellation of its navy drama Sea Patrol. Government financial aid for the series is said to be the main reason for its axe. According to Yahoo, a tax rebate was available to the series for 65 episodes. However, by the end of its final run, it will have made a total of 68.

Is Sea Patrol based on a true story?

Sea Patrol is an Australian television drama that ran from 2007 to 2011, set on board HMAS Hammersley, a fictional patrol boat of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). The series focused on the ship and the lives of its crew members.

Who died Sea Patrol?

Sea Patrol season 3 finished filming in mid-February. The series kicked off with ET (David Lyons) being killed in a diving accident.

How many seasons were there of Sea Patrol?

five seasons
Over the five seasons, 68 episodes were aired.

Does NAV leave Sea Patrol?

According to TV Tonight, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Buffer), Saskia Burmeister (Nav) and Jay Ryan (Spider) will not be returning for the next season of the naval drama. Producers Hal and Di McElroy told Sea-patrol.com: “Actors doing TV series are usually contracted for three series, so departures are always on the cards.

How many Sea Patrol episodes are there?

68Sea Patrol / Number of episodes

How did 2 Dads get his nickname?

“Two Dads” as a reason for a nickname is somewhat complicated. It is usually a nickname for a person whose surname is hyphenated, as with the character of Leo Kosov-Meyer (played by Nikolai Nikolaeff). Having a hyphenated surname is usually based on an agreement between the two families, when a bride and a groom marry.

What happened to chefo on Sea Patrol?

Toby Jones was born in Brisbane, Queensland on December 18, 1981. Also known as “Cheffo” Toby was very much a main part of the crew in Series 1. He came to near death in the fourth episode of series 1, titled “Irukandji”, when he was stung by the highly toxic Irukandji jellyfish.

What happens on the last episode of Sea Patrol?

July 12, 2011Sea Patrol / Final episode date

Is ET dead in Sea Patrol?

ET was secretly engaged to fellow crew member Nikki Caetano. He died during a diving expedition after the oxygen supply had been tampered with.

How many episodes are in Sea Patrol season 1?

11Sea Patrol – Season 1 / Number of episodes

How many episodes are in each season of Sea Patrol?